LUNCHABLES (A 90s kids’ dream brand)

We create all sorts of online content for Lunchables ranging from video, radio, bumpers, and social media and first ever content co-creations with partners like Cartoon Network. All of this content stars the Lunchables characters Jackie and Platy. They’re a talking Jackalope and Platypus and there’s no way to not love these epic puppets. While on this brand, it has been our mission to make sure the entire kid universe knows who these two weirdo dudes are. 


If the epic car featured in this spot was drivable, you’d see me rolling up everywhere in it. 


Mixed Up Alerts

Inspired by the fake news era of 2017, we created a mini series of anticipatory content for kids called Mixed Up Alerts.



Mixed Up Channel

Do you even exist if you don’t have YouTube like content? Obviously not, so we created YouTube inspired content to keep showing our characters in contextual ways to kids. 



Trippy Bumpers

When the head of Lunchables marketing saw these 6 second, disruptive bumpers he said “It looks like you’ve eaten a lot of acid, I’ll buy these.”




We want to keep introducing our characters in new spaces, so we created a few self-aware spots for kids to lol at.




We launched Jackie and Platy’s silver screen debut and I am upset that I have yet to get their autographs.  



Partner Co-Creations

There was a period of time during some of these projects where my only job was to come up with phone games for kids. 


We’ve had the pleasure of working under Group Creative Directors Todd Brusnighan and Doug Behm while on Lunchables. For the video production we had a blast working with Creative Directors, Chris Kloet and Rob White and worked with the hustling producer, Sarah Tomick to bring them to life.